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Sustainable House Day September 9th

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Limestone Coast celebrates Sustainable House Day Sunday 9th September, 2012

Community Action for Sustainability Inc (CAS) a locally based, environment focused, community group, is pleased to open two local houses

- 22 Ruwoldt Rd, Yahl

- Kidman Lane in Penola


Open this Sunday for public viewing between 10am and 4pm.

Both these houses showcase sustainable features and the owners are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact.

Join CAS on 9th September to see these two local houses. Details of house details and the address now available on website !

Sustainable House Day on Sunday 9 September - showcases the country’s most environmentally sustainable and innovative homes that invest in renewable energy, recycling and other practices designed to reduce their carbon footprint.

This is your personal invitation to see what sustainable homeowners have done and how these ideas can apply to you!

If you’re thinking about improving your home’s energy, water or waste management efficiency, speaking to homeowners about their own experiences is a must. Seeing real sustainable projects in action, and learning what worked well and not so well, will help save you time and money.

From retrofits to new builds, there are sure to be many inspirational ideas to adapt to your home. Entry to the houses is free.

For more details visit

For more information contact: Sandra Young on 87393245 or Catherine Pye on 87253821 Community Action for Sustainability Inc

CAS will host Sustainable House Day again September 9th

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Sustainable House Day started in 2001 as an initiative of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES).

Over 200 homes opened their doors to over 40,000 people on Sunday 11 September 2011 for Sustainable House Day’s 10th Anniversary as millions of Australians continue to embrace renewable energy, recycling and other practices designed to lessen our impact on the environment.

Homes opened for free, providing a fantastic opportunity for people seeking to make their own homes or rental properties greener.

Sustainable House Day gives people the chance to get a real-life look inside houses that have been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind and talk to owners, receiving unbiased advice.

As event organisers we’re seeing greater investment in harvesting water and solar energy as communities realise our resources are finite and likely to become more expensive. By becoming energy efficient today, you’ll be on the front foot to save on energy bills and help the environment now and into the future.

Sustainable House Day, provides a chance for people to exchange ideas and learn from each other and visits to the houses are free of charge – so it will cost nothing to see how easy and economical the move to greener living can be.

Organisers are well on the way in planning the 2012 event.

Each year the average Australian household contributes 13 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere—enough to fill more than 700 balloons every day while each household also draws an average of 73,000 buckets of water a year – enough for around 12 baths a day. Do your bit to reduce this by getting involved with Sustainable House Day.

Local community groups across Australia will assist in the management of their area’s open houses and ancillary events.

This would not be possible without the generous support of our national sponsors, please support them as they have supported us.

This year Sustainable House Day is managed by Adelaide based shmeco is owned and managed by Pia Vogrin, a Sustainable House owner and volunteer at previous Sustainable House Days. As someone who is passionate about Sustainable Living, Pia is more than happy to answer any questions you might have – even before the day. Pia’s contact details are below.

The aim of Sustainable House Day is to provide an enjoyable, informative day that contributes to local community awareness of sustainable living.

If you are interested in getting involved in Sustainable House Day 2012 we would love to hear from you.

Pia Vogrin [email protected] 0419 853 614


CINEMA CAS _ "HOME" Documentary August 17th

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Friday, August 17th at the Main Corner, Dress Circle, 1 Bay Rd, Mount Gambier,

Home the documentary film by French artist and director, Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Home is constructed around a narrative and tells a story. The director, Yann Arthus Bertrand, films Earth from the sky using visually stunning footage showing us a view most of us have never seen. He shares with us his sense of awe about our planet and his concern for its health.


The appearance of life on Earth was the result of a balance between elements that took billions of years to stabilize. Humans have profited from the lavish resources of the Earth, but have changed the face of the world by the use they have made of it. The harnessing of petroleum and its subsequent over-exploitation are having dramatic consequences for our planet. Human beings must change their behaviour and their way of life before it is too late for them, their descendants and life on Earth.

The film Home portrays the wonders of human achievement but also the massive damage humans wreak through selfishness. The film deals with protecting nature. “It’s up to us to write what happens next”. Each one of us must make an effort to understand what is going on and take action in our daily lives. That is the essential message of the film Home.

The film gives much information about ecology, geology, biology, geography and history of the earth. The film, Home has a message of hope. Yann Arthus-Bertrand indicates a very human path we can follow, one of love and action. What we do to reduce our impact on our earth is important.

CINEMA CAS invites you to see this special film Home and stay afterwards for our Ideas CAFÉ to discuss the film.

When: Friday, 17th August

Where: Dress circle, Main Corner, Mount Gambier, 1 Bay Road.

Time: Doors open 6.30pm, Film at 7.00pm / 90 min.

Tickets: Donation ($3-$10 suggested) at the door.

Ideas CAFÉ – after the film we invite you to join us for supper, discussion and sharing of ideas.

Supported by City of Mount Gambier.

June 17th Environmental Month Events -CAS at the Library

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Come along and meet Community Action for Sustainability with some great talks.

10 – 2pm Wildlife and Waterbug demonstrations with Dept of Environment and Natural Resources.

10.30 Backyard Beekeeping with Sharn Lucas – CAS Committee member

11.15 Be Energy Smart with Neville Moody – CAS committee member

12 noon Permaculture talk with Sharn Lucas – CAS Committee member

12.45 Climate Change Slideshow – a must see with the latest Australian data! Sandra Young, CAS Vice Chairman

1.30pm Digital solar home heating with Australian Sun Energy.

2 pm Nature Glenelg Trust – wetlands and more. Mark Bachmann2.30pm Sustainable home living with Mark Bachmann – a rammed earth Home.

Mark Bachmann will be talking on the Nature Glenelg Trust and also on his sustainable rammed earth home with an update. A Sustainable Rammed Earth House: A few years on… reflecting on life in a sustainable house. Mark has previously presented during Environment Month on the construction of his owner-built rammed earth house. A few years on, hear Mark’s thoughts on completing the project and what life has been like for his family living in their sustainable house. You might even pick up a few design hints for your own project!

JUNE 22nd CINEMA CAS Design for Life Documentary

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June 22nd Main Corner, Dress Circle, Mount Gambier, Doors open 6.30pm, Film 7.00pm

“Design for life” / South Australia / 68 min

Annemarie and Graham Brookman’s quest for the principles of sustainable living took them to 40 countries but ended when they encountered permaculture, a design system for sustainable living. This inspiring, practical film traces the physical and economic challenges they overcame: lack of capital, smallness of scale, droughts, floods and the loneliness of the pathfinder, to become one of the World’s iconic permaculture properties and one of Australia’s most awarded organic farms, The Food Forest.

When: Friday, June 22nd

Where: Dress circle, Main Corner, Mount Gambier, 1 Bay Road.

Time: Doors open 6.30pm, Film at 7.00pm / 84 min.

Tickets: Gold Coin Donation on the night or at Main Corner, Mount Gambier, Ph 87239566.

Three bottles of “Food Forest” wine available as door prizes.

Permaculture Mount Gambier will be at this event with more information.

DVD’s of the movie and the ‘virtual tour’ of the property will be available to borrow at the Mount Gambier Public Library after the screening.

For more information contact the Food Forest on 08 8522 6450,

Brought to you by Community Action for Sustainability with the support of City of Mount Gambier and the South East Natural Resources Management Board.

May 18th CINEMA CAS Urban Roots and Common Ground

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Community Action for Sustainability invites you to the Main Corner in Mount Gambier on May 18th at 6.30pm to see two delightful and entertaining films.

We take great pleasure in showing the award winning, short Australian film “Common Ground” (15min). This is a documentary collaboration between Uncle Bob Randall and Hollie Fifer. “At a time when climate change and sustainability is a crucial debate on how society lives into the future, Uncle Bob shares his life learning’s. Uncle Bob is a desert man and Hollie grew up in the concrete walls of Melbourne. They couldn't be more different. However while reconnecting with the Australian landscape they find common ground.“


Following this we will show Urban Roots: A story of a city and its people produced by Tree Media.

Detroit was the centre of the automotive industry in the USA and when this collapsed the big companies (Ford, Chrysler and GMH) laid people off. The city’s population dropped from 2 million in 1950 to 900,000 in 2000.

Urban Farming is a positive response to the collapse of this city. There was no fresh food available in the city -only convenience stores, fast food restaurants and petrol stations with packaged foods. People had to drive out to the suburbs to get fresh food. What do you eat under these circumstances and how healthy is it for you!

The city population found they had no control over their food system, one third were living below the poverty line and most of these needed food assistance. The answer was in food self determination through urban farming and community gardens. Urban farming helped feed the family and sale of excess produce provided money to put petrol in the car. Children started learning about where food comes from, growing and eating fresh food. The film took a look at the many models of food growing that developed in Detroit including the markets.

The film explores: the need to get in touch with nature, importance of teaching children about agriculture, the stigma attached to growing food and agriculture, ways to deal with soil pollution (heavy metals), food kitchens and food justice. The film looks at Local Government and the community with regard to legal issues arising from urban farming within a city.

Overall it introduces us to new ways to develop cities and build community, by including agricultural and green spaces in the city. Food without a doubt brings people together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. The Urban roots movement supports putting farms in schools!

CAS invite you to join us for supper or you may wish to watch a short film (7min) looking at the Food Bill of Rights developed by the Community Environmental Legal Defence Organisation in the USA – promoting communities to develop local laws to protect local food production.

When: Friday, May 18th

Where: Dress circle, Main Corner, Mount Gambier

Time: Doors open 6.30pm, Film at 7.00pm / 84 min.

Tickets at Main Corner, Gold Coin Donation.

Supper provided after the film.

These documentaries will be available for loan from the Mt Gambier Public Library after the event.

Brought to you by Community Action for Sustainability with the support of City of Mount Gambier and the South East Natural Resources Management Board.

Chair of Community Action for Sustainability.

Group Notes on Economics of Happiness Film Night

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The Group discussion notes from the Economics of Happiness Film night have been added to the documents.  Please take a look and email us any comments.  [email protected]


Catherine Pye

Successful Cinema CAS event

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Media Release 17th March 2012


A Community Group of Sustainable Communities South Australia

Community Action for Sustainability Inc (CAS) was very pleased with the overwhelming community attendance at the launch of CINEMA CAS last Friday night. Just under 100 people packed the renovated theatre at the Main Corner Complex in Mount Gambier to watch The Economics of Happiness and just under half stayed for the post film discussion with our special guest Natasha Davis. The interesting themes to emerge from the discussion were the need to strengthen our local communities, our local food and local business networks. We would like to thank the City of Mount Gambier for the opportunity to use this great venue and to the South East Natural Resources Management Board and Sustainable Communities SA.

Film Documentary The Economics of Happiness

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Going local is a powerful strategy to repair our fractured world—our ecosystems, our societies and our selves.

“The Economics of Happiness”, March 16th 7pm.

Economic globalization has led to a massive expansion in the scale and power of big business and banking. It has also worsened nearly every problem we face: fundamentalism and ethnic conflict; climate chaos and species extinction; financial instability and unemployment. There are personal costs too. For the majority of people on the planet life is becoming increasingly stressful. We have less time for friends and family and we face mounting pressures at work.

‘The Economics of Happiness’ describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions. On the one hand, government and big business continue to promote globalization and the consolidation of corporate power. At the same time, all around the world people are resisting those policies, demanding a re‐regulation of trade and finance—and, far from the old institutions of power, they’re starting to forge a very different future. Communities are coming together to re‐build more human scale, ecological economies based on a new paradigm – an economics of localization.

We hear from a chorus of voices from six continents including Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, David Korten, Michael Shuman, Juliet Schor, Zac Goldsmith and Samdhong Rinpoche ‐ the Prime Minister of Tibetʹs government in exile. They tell us that climate change and peak oil give us little choice: we need to localize, to bring the economy home. The good news is that as we move in this direction we will begin not only to heal the earth but also to restore our own sense of well‐being. ‘The Economics of Happiness’ restores our faith in humanity and challenges us to believe that it is possible to build a better world.

Community Action for Sustainability invites you to stay for a post screening discussion led by Natasha Davis, Director of Sustainable Focus. Natasha engages with people at all levels within organisations and the community to facilitate conversations and change. She has experience in developing sustainability and climate change action plans, designing behaviour change initiatives, workshop facilitation, stakeholder engagement and communications. Natasha has also worked extensively in natural resources management (NRM). Natasha holds a degree in Economics, and a Masters in Environmental Management.


When: 16th March 2012,

Doors open at 6.30pm,

Film starts at 7.00pm (65 min) followed by post screening discussion with special guest Natasha Davis and supper.

Where: Dress Circle (Theatre), Main Corner, Mount Gambier (cnr Commercial St East & Bay Rd)

Tickets available from the Main Corner for a donation.

Community Action for Sustainability Inc is a member group of Sustainable Communities SA and an official sponsor of this event.

This event is supported by Sustainable Communities SA and the City of Mount Gambier

and the South East Natural Resources Management Board.


There is much more information about the film and ISEC at the two websites.

View the films website you can find synopses of the film, a statement by the directors, film reviews, biographies of the voices from the film and links to the trailer.

View the film’s trailer;

At you can delve more deeply into the issues through our newsletters, online articles, books and other publications, online audio and video, and especially our community study group curriculum, Roots of Change.

For more information contact [email protected] or Catherine Pye on phone 87253821 or Sandra Young on phone 87393245.


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Cinema CAS 2012

Community Action for Sustainability Inc (CAS) invites you to join us this year to see some exciting film documentaries. The films will explore a range of issues facing our community including the economy, happiness, money, oil, food and water. Films will be screened on the third Friday of each month at the Dress Circle (Theatre) in the Main Corner, Mount Gambier with the support of the City of Mount Gambier. Following the film we invite you to a post screening discussion and supper. Tickets will be available at the Main Corner for a donation.

The first film documentary is “The Economics of Happiness”, which will be shown on Friday, 16th March at 7.00pm, Dress Circle in the Main Corner, Mount Gambier.

Ask yourself: In 10 years time, what type of world do I want to be living in, and what type of world do I want for my children!


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