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State Election Mount Gambier Candidate Questionnaire results

Posted on March 5, 2014 at 7:25 PM





Mount Gambier will be contested by 5 candidates:

Don Pegler Independent

John Baseley The Greens

Peter Heaven Family First

Troy Bell Liberal Party

Jim Maher Aust Labor Party

Each candidate received a questionnaire containing three questions concerning unconventional gas, oil and coal and landowners and farmers rights. Candidates were asked to respond with a YES or NO and then offer their commitment, if elected, to work in the House to achieve the results according to their answers.


The campaign director, Dr Catherine Pye from Mount Gambier believes the signed commitment to be essential in discovering genuine candidates. Her campaign offered to give as much publicity as possible to the survey results. The campaign was run with the support of Community Action for Sustainability Inc and the Limestone Coast Strike Out Alliance Inc name change pending to Limestone Coast Protection Alliance Inc.




1. Will you work for and vote in the House, for a two-year moratorium on unconventional gas, oil and coal exploration and mining, during which time the State Minister must appoint a genuinely independent expert panel, to prepare a report on the future and long term impact of unconventional gas, oil and coal exploration and mining, including fracking, on water quality and quantity, human and animal health, air and soil health, climate change and local economies.

2. Will you work for and vote in the House, for the rights of farmers and land owners to say NO to exploration and mining on their land.

3. Will you work for and vote in the House, for the creation of 'no-go zones' which provide a permanent ban on unconventional gas, oil and coal expansion in key locations for agriculture, health or water in SA. These zones would include important water resource, farming (land and water), and conservation areas and include an appropriate buffer around homes.


Independent Don Pegler answered YES to all three questions.

Don Pegler is asking for a longer 4 year moratorium allowing for an independent inquiry to look at all the concerns.

 The Greens John Baseley answered YES to all three questions.

Family First Q1 Yes, but a moratorium only in SE, Q2, YES with a mining ombudsmen to decide on farmers rights: Q3 YES Strategic cropping areas for food and water, but not sure if they include conservation areas.

Liberals Q1 NO, but an inquiry into unconventional gas, Q2 NO, Q3, NO

Labour Q1 No, Q2, NO, Q3 No

Every effort has been made to present the questionnaire in a fair manner.


Election comment authorised and distributed by Dr Catherine Pye, PO Box 9323, Mount Gambier West, 5290, 0428399441

For Limestone Coast Protection Alliance and Community Action for Sustainability.

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