Community Action for Sustainability

Mission Statement

We are a community based organisation with the role of promoting a sustainable life where we coexist in a harmonious way with our environment,without threatening humanity or other living things on our planet.


"Instead of trying to sustain the way we live, we might ask how to create a sustainable way of living."  Dr Steb Fisher 2008

Objects and Purposes

To advocate for and promote sustainability and resilience within the community

To educate ourselves and others on sustainable and resilient living

To demonstrate sustainable lifestyles

To correspond with similar organisations with a view to exchanging information and ideas 

To act in accordance with our Mission Statement, definition and principle

Contact Us

Chairperson: Alan Richardson Email cas4sustainability@gmail

Vice Chairperson: Sandra Young Phone 08 8739 3245 


Treasurer: Michael Walsh Phone 87239424


CAS do not necessarily endorse all the views on this website.  We will publish articles received from Members if they relate to our Mission Statement.

We ask you to form your own opinions.

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